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Elegant holidays in Santorini for a penny

When spring is coming, a lot of us start to wondering about next vacations. It’s normal, cause with first hotter days, we are dreaming of far away, tropical lands. When you like to have a holidays of your lifetime, you’he to choose Santorini, magnificent Greek island.

You don’t have to own a fortune to travel there and spend luxury time, cause there’re couple options to travel for a song.
When you are going to Santorini accommodation and air tickets are first things you need to arrange – check out more. To get the best price of each, you should travel during low season. June or September are months, when weather is still very nice, there are no clouds, and fewer tourists on the beaches. Thanks to that, hotels and tickets can be sometimes two times cheaper then during hot season. Also, if you like to save even more money, thing about your bag. If you are planning just one week up there, you don’t need to take checked in baggage, which needs to be paid extra. In many of airline companies, carry on bag, that is free of charge goes in medium size. Therefore, you will have a chance to fit in there plenty of belongings.

Autor: Gabriele Barni
Another way to spare money on holidays in Santorini accommodation is. When you are traveling for your honeymoon in there, and you prefer hot season, you can still sleep in 5 stars hotel and don’t go bankrupt. To do so, you need to start to observe special pages with coupons – . At web you will see many of those, they’re offering a lot of offers, also with accommodation. You may book in there honeymoon suit in Santorini, even two times cheaper. But to do so, you need to use first minute option – that is mean, you’ve to book this room even one year ahead.

Many of us are arranging such important trip as honeymoon much earlier, therefore it should not be a problem for you. And Santorini is a nice place for holidays and you do not must to be rich to go there and have a luxury room.